Talent Spotlight: Jennie

We sat down with Guggenheim Securities Managing Director Jennie, who discussed her career path to Guggenheim and the best career advice she has received.

Please describe your title and role at the firm.

I am a Managing Director on the Medical Device Investment Banking team. My role on the team involves bringing in new clients, executing our mandated transactions, and managing many of our internal efforts, such as staffing, recruiting, and business planning.

Please tell us about your career path at Guggenheim. What brought you to the firm and what from your past has helped make you successful here?

I came to Guggenheim in 2015 when I followed my team over from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Since joining, I quickly learned that the people at Guggenheim are not only impressive professionals, but folks who I truly enjoy working with. I find it refreshing that colleagues go out of their way to help each other, even if they are complete strangers, and have a great deal of pride in the business that we are all building together as a team.

Who have been your mentor(s) during your career? What is the most valuable lesson(s) that you learned from that mentorship?

I have been fortunate in continuing to work with the mentors who I’ve looked up to throughout my career. They have taught me so much already, and a week doesn’t pass by where I don’t learn something new from them. In retrospect, the most valuable lessons have been to lead by example: to treat others with respect, to take responsibility and pride in your work, and that winning is nothing without integrity.

I have also found that my parents have been extremely influential mentors throughout my life. Their work ethic, sacrifice, and support that they’ve given me is something that I can never repay.

What is the best career or personal advice you have received or what is career or personal advice you would give?

The best career advice I have ever received is to take ownership. Whether that means admitting when you don’t know something or taking responsibility when you make mistakes, demonstrating accountability earns you trust. It also means being true to who you are – I’m a nerd at heart and can’t get enough of puzzles and brainteasers…but it’s refreshing to work in a workplace where individual interests (even if not popular) are celebrated. Whether it be with colleagues or clients, I have found that being genuine and authentic in who you are and what you do builds a stronger foundation for success.

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