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I have been fortunate in continuing to work with the mentors who I’ve looked up to throughout my career. They have taught me so much already, and a week doesn’t pass by where I don’t learn something new from them.


Managing Director, Investment Banking


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Campus Recruiting

Guggenheim Securities offers a wide range of internship and full-time opportunities for Analysts and Associates. Our programs typically include professional training, formal mentorship, networking events, and community service outreach. We recruit candidates with exceptional academic backgrounds, a high degree of motivation, strong interpersonal skills, leadership ability, and a team-oriented mentality.  We conduct on-campus interviews at a limited number of universities and colleges as well as off-campus interviews at our offices.

Guggenheim Securities is consistently ranked by as a top investment bank to work for, being recognized for its culture, expertise, and prestige. 

Interviews for Investment Banking undergraduate internship positions are conducted during the spring of sophomore year and run through the summer prior to junior year. All roles open on the Guggenheim website on or about February 1 of sophomore year.

Interviews for Investment Banking Associate internship positions are conducted on a rolling basis through the summer before first year through January of first year. All roles open on the Guggenheim website on or about May 1 prior to first year.

For years when we will be supplementing the incoming full time classes with candidates who did not intern with us, applications will open on or about July 1 and interviews will be conducted in August and September of the candidate’s final year as a student.

Experienced Professionals

Our principles entail engaging highly talented people, challenging them to think creatively, and encouraging them to achieve extraordinarily high standards in their fields of expertise. To succeed at Guggenheim, candidates should be a strong fit with our business principles, culture, and value system.