Meet Megan

Megan | Managing Director

“I have had the privilege to work with talented mentors.”

Megan, Managing Director, discusses her key initiatives, the firm values she lives by most, and the best advice she has ever received.
Please describe your role at the firm. What are key initiatives you have worked on?

I am a Managing Director on the Structured Products Origination team within Guggenheim Securities. Our team provides strategic advice and executes structured financings for a variety of clients across industries. We are focused on the non-traditional segment of the securitization market as well as on new and emerging issuers. Recently, I focused on developing innovative structural solutions for our clients and deepening our client relationships in the process.

Tell us about your career path at Guggenheim. What brought you to the firm and what from your past has helped make you successful here?

I started my career in the Capital Markets division of a financial services firm and came to Guggenheim in 2018. I joined Guggenheim for the opportunity to work at the frontier of the securitization market and be a part of building new products and solutions. I have had the privilege of working with talented mentors who encouraged me to be creative, eventually leading me to find a home at Guggenheim.

What is the best career or personal advice you have received?

When I was fresh out of college and working as an analyst in investment banking, a senior colleague told me to always focus on the long game. Our careers are (hopefully) long, and the decisions we make will follow us throughout. Short-sighted choices and compromises to our integrity are never worth it in the long run. Whenever I am faced with a challenging situation, I always reframe my options with a view towards the long-term implications before making a decision.

Megan | Managing Director

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