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Robert | Managing Director

“Being part of Guggenheim’s growth has been rewarding.”

Robert, Managing Director, discusses his path to the firm and involvement in recruiting initiatives.
Please describe your role at the firm.

As a Managing Director within the Capital Structure Advisory Group, I lead teams responsible for advising clients in navigating a wide range of distressed-related transactions. These assignments include everything from comprehensive balance sheet restructurings and Chapter 11 recapitalizations to out-of-court liability management trades, distressed financings, and M&A. We assist clients in evaluating, developing, and implementing capital structure solutions and strategic alternatives. My day-to-day responsibilities include researching capital structure opportunities, conducting financial analyses to evaluate potential transaction structures, preparing presentations, and ultimately interfacing with our clients, investors, and other market participants.

What led you to work at Guggenheim?

After completing my MBA in 2015, I sought to join a growing firm where I could contribute to its early stages and, most importantly, work in a collaborative environment where I could thrive. Guggenheim Securities was, and still is, an exciting and uniquely positioned platform that ticked all those boxes. Being part of Guggenheim’s incredible growth, from an upstart group into one of the leading capital structure advisory practices, has been incredibly rewarding, surpassing my initial expectations.

What initiatives are you involved with at the firm?

Before transitioning to finance, I served as a Naval Officer, an experience that instilled me with a strong commitment to supporting veterans and promoting diversity. Within Guggenheim, I am actively involved in supporting initiatives including Guggenheim’s Veterans Transition Assistance Program and the Toigo Foundation, a firm partner and talent pipeline focused on empowering underrepresented professionals in finance. Additionally, I am deeply engaged in our campus recruiting efforts because the firm recognizes that our collective success depends on the talents and contributions of every member.

How would you describe your experience moving up from Associate to Managing Director, and how have your responsibilities changed with each promotion?

Investment banking operates on an apprenticeship model, and I have been fortunate to have found a firm and group that provided exceptional mentorship and opportunities for growth right from the start. Key to my growth has been the quality and volume of deal flow and diverse clientele. As I progressed from Associate to a Managing Director, my role gradually shifted from handling discrete tasks in support of a deal, to taking on a more client-facing position and being responsible for project management, to now leading all aspects of an engagement. To advance in this career, your business development responsibilities increase as well, which involves building and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders, whether it's a company's management team and board members, their investors, or other players in the ecosystem.

Robert | Managing Director

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